Wireless Running Lights
Wireless Cab Running Lights

Save time, money, and headaches.

Wireless Cab Lights
For Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps & RVs

A revolutionary lighting product for your prized possessions.

Wireless Clearance Lights
Ultra Bright LEDs, Solar/Battery
Power, Remote Control

Installs in minutes with no holes, wires, leaks or corrosion!

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We are a stylish, high quality, exciting, revolutionary new lighting product for the Truck and SUV markets. Remote Controlled, Solar/Battery Powered, Wireless LED Cab Running Lights for Trucks, SUVs & Jeeps from Cab Over America™.

Cab Over America™ lights save you time, money and free you from the headaches and all the nightmares of wired cab over lights at a fraction of the cost.

Our cab running lights are installed with no wires and no holes drilled in the top of the cab of your Truck or SUV.

At Cab Over America™ we remove you from all the nightmares involved with installing your cab clearance lights on one of your most prized possessions.

You will no longer need 15 holes drilled into the top of your truck or SUV, eliminating water leaks, electrical corrosion and headliner damage that create stains, mold and mildew hazards. This will eventually occur with any standard wired cab over light.

They are available in amber or smoked or clear lenses, and they look fantastic!

  • Save Time & Money

    Minutes to Install.
    No Holes, No Wires, No Worries.

  • Stylish & High Visibility

    Two levels of brightness.
    Emergency flash mode.

  • Wireless Remote

    LED & Solar/Battery Powered.
    Amber, Smoked or Clear Lens.

  • 1 Year Warranty

    Includes Solar Battery Pack.
    (Mfg & Materials, Normal Use)

Total Reviews: 8

Bought a set over a month ago, working great and i get lots of compliments on them, Great communication and support from the Owner . Quality product i highly recommend these....
lairds - avatar lairds

I bought so I wouldn't have to drill holes in truck. Easy install, bright , well made and they look great on my truck. Customer service is exceptional.
cmex25 - avatar cmex25