Wireless Running Lights
Wireless Cab Lights
Wireless Clearance Lights
Wireless Running Lights
Wireless Cab Running Lights

Save time, money, and headaches.

Wireless Cab Lights
For Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps & RVs

A revolutionary lighting product for your prized possessions.

Wireless Clearance Lights
Ultra Bright LEDs, Solar/Battery
Power, Remote Control

Installs in minutes with no holes, wires, leaks or corrosion!

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 Fits All Trucks And SUV’s. No Holes To Drill. Self Charging. Free Shipping

We are a stylish, high quality, exciting, revolutionary patented new alternative for cab clearance marker lights. Fits all Trucks and SUV,s. These wireless cab clearance marker lights require no holes in your cab. And they are easy to  install.

Cab Over America cab clearance marker lights save you time and money from a paid traditional install and free you from the headaches and all the nightmares of wired cab clearance marker lights.

Our wireless cab marker lights are installed with no wires and no holes drilled in the top of the cab of your Truck or SUV.  US PATENT #10,562,441

Two hundred pounds holding power per light. They are not coming off until you take them off to transfer to your next rig.

You will no longer need 15 holes drilled into the top of your truck or SUV, eliminating water leaks, electrical corrosion and headliner damage that create stains, mold and mildew hazards. This will eventually occur with any standard wired cab clearance marker lights.

They are available in amber or smoked or clear lenses, and they look fantastic!  Also your choice of light color amber or white.

  • Save Time & Money

    Minutes to Install.
    No Holes, No Wires, No Worries.

  • Stylish & High Visibility

    Two levels of brightness.
    Emergency flash mode.

  • Wireless Remote

    LED & Solar/Battery Powered.
    Amber, Smoked or Clear Lens.

  • 1 Year Warranty

    Includes Solar Battery Pack.
    (Mfg & Materials, Normal Use)

Total Reviews: 32

Outstanding results. I have enjoyed these on two of my diesels in the last two years. Easy install and makes a great alternative. One callout when they are drained and need to charge they will blink. Once charged this stops. Another add is when installing in cooler weather use a heat gun on LOW and warm up the parts. Warm the roof and then apply the tape. Once done keep the heat gun on them for about a minute moving back and forth using a glove press and hold to allow adhesive to bond. Be patient it will work. If on the fence to buy
these lights, don’t be you will be happy and have no worries of leaks.
Dwilks525 - avatar Dwilks525

Love these cab lights. I’ve had these on multiple trucks and they’re fantastic. Super easy install, bright, and durable. 👍🏻👍🏻
chriscarpenter343 - avatar chriscarpenter343

These lights work great and hadn't had any issues at all with them just make sure you position the light base correctly or you will be sitting there for 30 min with a heat gun to get it off again. but over I am very happy with these lights.
Jeremy Valdez - avatar Jeremy Valdez

Ordered them in December 2022 currently March 2023, i love them they work great, i suggest getting the clear lens so that they can charge quicker. I originally had the smoked lens, but they wouldn’t charge bc the lens is too dark, after getting the clear lens, they charge great and work great, i recommend letting the lights sit in sunlight without being used for about 5 days to get full charge 100% then use them then they’ll charge back up to 100% after use, over all happy with the product
zgoudeau5 - avatar zgoudeau5

Customer support is TOP NOTCH!! i had to contact them twice because of MY MISTAKES! ha..they were super awesome. Product is great. works well. looks nice. glad i found these.
tomhulbert - avatar tomhulbert

Great Customer Service and response time.
gator390 - avatar gator390