Wireless LED Running Lights

For Truck, SUV & RV Cabs

Look Ma, no wires! Are you tired of wiring messes, leaks, electrical corrosion and headliner damage? These revolutionary and U.S. Pat. Pend. cab lights solve your problems with no wires and no holes, all in a stylish self contained 3M™ adhesive mount power unit, with Wireless Remote Control.

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Cab Over America Runing Lights

At Cab Over America, we eliminate all the nightmares involved with installing your clearance lights on one of your most prized possessions. We utilize the latest innovative technologies to provide you with the only cab lights on the market today that are LED, self-contained, solar voltaic powered, and include a NiMH battery and Bluetooth or Wireless Remote.

Best of all, no holes. All with a five-minute installation time, utilizing the highest quality 3M™ pressure sensitive material adhesive for a complete secure mount on the cab of your vehicle.

And unlike standard wired cab mount lights, Cab Over America’s lights can be easily removed, repositioned or replaced, leaving no trace or paint damage to the mounting surface.

All of these benefits and none of the nightmares, for much less than the cost of aftermarket wired cab lights with the installation costing you $500 to $1,000!

Remember, holes in your roof are bad! Wireless cab clearance lights are good!

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Running Lights Mess

No more wire mess, connectors, drills, meters, screwdrivers, or glue. Simply press in place and you're good to go! Plus you can move them without damaging your finish.

Cab Light Mess

You can now have the cab running lights you've always wanted but avoided, because you do not need to drill holes in the roof of your very expensive investment, or mess with any wires.

Clearance Light Mess

Don't do this! 1) RTFM; 2) Disconnect battery; 3) Postion & mark lights & switch; 4) Remove interior trim pieces; 5) Lower headliner; 5) Avoid any other wires; 6) Drill baby drill; 7) Sort out & connect messy wires; 8) Mount lights; 9) Reconnect battery and pray.

Cab Lights Mess

We eliminate water leaks, electrical corrosion and headliner damage from holes that will create stains, mold and mildew hazards. And perhaps even electrical damage!


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Wireless Cab Clearance Lights

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Cab Over America running lights are a stylish, high quality, exciting, revolutionary new lighting product for the Truck and SUV markets. They save you time, money and free you from the headaches and all the nightmares of wired cab over lights at a fraction of the cost. They are available in amber or smoked lenses, and they look fantastic!

Cab Over America Runing Lights

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